Standard Dive Logs

CustomDiveLog standard dive log

A ready-made dive log with a soft cover, spiral bound and a lot of space to log dives, and with 15 x 15 cm/6 x 6 in slightly bigger than the Custom Dive Logs.
This diver's log comes in two versions: the basic and the pro.
The basic diver's log fits over 200 dives. One dive per page, and a lot of space to write down (or draw) what you saw (see left image below).
The pro diver's log is for the people who've "seen it all", and don't need so much space anymore to write down what they saw. Just for logging the dives. With four dives per page it fits over 800 dives (see right page below).

CustomDiveLog standard basic pages
CustomDiveLog standard pro pages


The prices for both the basic and the pro diver's log is €7,50 each, excluding handling and shipping.
Contact us for more information and prices for larger quantities!