Third party images

ReconnectDiving/CustomDiveLog.com do not claim copyright to images from third parties, nor do they claim reproduction rights to any of the delivered images other than in the ordered diver’s logs. Whereas a pdf of the materials necessary to produce the diver’s logs may be stored for internal administrative, and archival purposes, the source images supplied by third parties will be deleted after the delivery of the ordered products.
We retain the right to post pictures of the process/ready product to social media for promotional and/or marketing purposes.

Post-processing/image editing

Images supplied by third parties will be used as-is. No post-processing (image enhancements, color correction, backscatter removal, etc.) will be done for images unless requested, except for possible cropping to make images fit on/in the diver’s log. Surcharges apply for any requested post-processing except for cropping.
For proper reproduction quality of the images, all images should have a minimum native resolution of 3000 pixels on the long side. Native means that the images should not be interpolated to this resolution. If the images are smaller than that, we cannot guarantee the quality of our product(s).
A proof (pdf) will be sent for approval before printing. Do note that colors you see on your screen may differ from the printed output. This has to do with whether or not your computer screen has been color calibrated.

Durability/water resistence

Our diver’s logs are not waterproof or water resistant. We use normal (SFC approved) paper, not plastic (coated) materials like other suppliers, who claim to have water proof diver’s logs. We believe there’s already enough plastic in the environment as it is.
So whereas our diver’s logs are strong and durable (if you treat them like you would any other book), they are not indestructible, so don’t start filling in your dive’s information underwater during your safety stop. That’s not going to end well for the diver’s log.


The images in the standard diver’s logs are copyright protected worldwide. Ordering a standard diver’s log does not grant the buyer any rights to use the pictures outside the diver’s log, or to reproduce the pictures in any capacity without prior written authorization from the publisher. For all images a legal user’s license can be obtained. Contact us for more information on user licenses and fees.

Handling and shipping

Since we spend a lot of time, hard work and love in what we create, we want to make sure that it’s delivered properly. That’s why we’ve chose to ship ONLY via Track and Trace. This means that the shipping is slightly more expensive, but we can track where your diver’s log is all the way to your nearest post office, or even to your front door.
Depending on the exact specifications and your location, please allow for 4-6 weeks of delivering your diver’s log(s). Usually it’ll be faster, sometimes it may be slower, but we’ll always keep you in the loop on the progress of your order.

Local taxes

We are not responsible for local taxes. When we ship your product, we have to report the contents and the value of the package. Those are international customs rules. If your government charges you taxes on what we are sending you, then you are responsible for paying those taxes.

Cancellations / refunds

When you order any of our standard products, and the products are not yet shipped, we will charge you € 7,50 handling costs, and refund the rest of your balance. However, if you order a product, with your name and/or images on cover or inside pages, there is no possibility for a refund due to the customized nature of the product.

Damaged goods

We do everything we can to get your products to you in mint condition. However, when it leaves our room, it’s out of our hands. Should your product be damaged when it reaches you, we ask you to return it to us and we’ll provide you with a new product free of charge.