Custom Dive Logs

CustomDiveLog collection of different customized dive logs

A sturdy dive log, just slightly bigger than an iPhone (appr. 10 x 15 cm/4 x 6 in), featuring your own images if you want.
Something with which you stand out in the ocean of ... boring dive logs.
We help you create it, and make it. We do it almost entirely by hand. The sowing, the gluing, the binding... just not the printing 😉

Almost anything is possible. 150 dives? 250 dives? 1,000 dives? 2,000 dives? Your name on the cover? Your images on the cover? Your images inside? We can do it!
Just let us know how you imagine it, and we'll let you know if and how we can realize it!


Prices for the Custom Dive Log start from €35,00 per diver's log (your name on the cover, our images on the cover and inside, fits 147 dives), excluding handling and shipping.
Contact us for more information and more detailed prices based on the specifications of your diver's log!