Arno (image courtesy of Niki Strbian, www.nikistrbian.com, used with permission)

I’m now a scuba and freedive instructor, but already when I got my first dive log after the Open Water Course, I looked at it and sighed. How… ordinary!

As a graphic designer and (underwater) photographer I was positive we could make this a lot more pleasing!

We’re often in a such a beautiful environment, and NOTHING of that can be seen in the book we keep with us: our dive log.

I started making diver’s logs with colorful pictures of some of the creatures saw on my dives, and figured that everyone should have the option of getting a diver’s log like that. Maybe even personalized with their own images!

So… Your own, unique diver’s log? Tell us what you like in your diver’s log, and we’ll tell you if and how we can do it!

Contact us for more information!

Arno (image courtesy of Mr Tang Liang, used with permission)